We met via instagram and totally clicked creatively!Meet Katelyn Servedio:

1. Where are you from? I’m originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, moved to Tampa, Florida around 4 years ago.
2. Who/what inspires you? I think something that definitely inspires me is music. Every time I hear a song I get this picture in my head and I’m like “I have to recreate that!”
3. Was there a moment in which inspired you to be a photographer? When I was 12 years old, I used to run around taking pictures with my virgin mobile flip phone. A few years ago I thought back to the childhood joy that I had from simply taking pictures of nature & people. The next day I bought a dslr. I’ve been shooting ever since
4. Neutrals or bright colors? Definitely color. Life’s to short to not see in color.
5. Describe your style in three words: Boho, artistic, colorful.
6. Describe Third & Arrow in one word? LA 

Follow her on ig: @kservedio


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