We knew from the get go she was our cup of tea! We came upon her instagram account by chance, she was dancing in the desert @ Desert Daze! From her signature bangs and red hair, to her amazing style. Loved all of it! 

Get to know a little bit more about this crimson lipped rock n roll queen! 

Name:  Ali Duda 

Ig: @brunetteontherun

Where are you from?: Jackson, New Jersey

Favorite 3 bands and/or artists? : Led Zeppelin, The Black Angels, The Beatles

Style Inspiration: Music is what inspires my style. Everyone asks me what blogger or what designer inspires me but honestly its music. I listen to a lot of psychedelic music and music in general. Im truly inspired by the desert. So my clothing hopefully shows that! 

Favorite article of clothing: My statement piece of clothing that pulls everything together, for me is my boots! I pair everything with kick ass cowboy looking boots that I mainly purchase from Free People. 

Describe Third & Arrow in one word: Essential!!!!